Deluxe Reverb Build
Deluxe Reverb


Priced according to your choice and availability of parts. Call me for a quote.

Fender's iconic AB763 circuit with a tweak. This All-tube hand-wired Deluxe Reverb is improved with effects on both channels and BIAS tremolo. The Normal channel Tone Stack is modified to bring out the Mid Frequencies while the Vibrato channel is stock. Long spring reverb and a chimey sounding Jensen 12" C12Q and you have that '64 sound with a few extras.

It's been upgraded with ClassicTone paper layered transformers that are made in USA. There's a 4 ohm tap for ext. speaker, and a switch for 3 speaker neg. feedback modes: PR, DR and Tweed. It has a long spring reverb and adjustable BIAS Tremolo. All voltages are within the 1964 spec, and the BIAS is adjustable. This amp weighs only 38 lbs and sounds incredible. A foot switch and cover is included.

Standard Deluxe Reverb layout, 4 inputs, Normal and Vibrato Channels, Volume Control, Treble and Bass Tone Controls, Reverb, Speed and Intensity, Power and Standby switches, 2 Speaker Jacks: 4 and 8 ohm, and NFB speaker mode switch.

Cabinet: Solid Pine 1/4” finger joints. Baltic Birch Plywood Speaker Baffle made in USA.

Covering: Tolex Black or Brown.

Grill: silver or wheat.

Effects: Long Spring Reverb, BIAS Tremolo

Caps: Mojotone, F&T, Mallory, Sprague

Resistors: Carbon Composition

Jacks: Switchcraft

Pots: Mojotone and CTS

Transformers: ClassicTone PT, ClassicTone Multi-tap OT

Speaker: 12" Jensen C12N 50W 8 ohm 35Watt

Tubes: 5U4GB, 4 - 12AX7, 2 - 12AT7, 2 - 6V6GT 22Watts

Weight: 38 lbs.