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This is an an all-tube AA1164 Fender circuit, with a  12" Jensen C12Q speaker.  It is a hand wired 15 watt amp featuring  a solid pine  cabinet.  It's been upgraded with ClassicTone paper layered transformers that are made in USA. There's a 4 ohm tap for ext. speaker, and a switch for 3 speaker neg. feedback modes: stock, DR and Tweed. It has a long spring reverb and adjustable BIAS Tremolo. All voltages are within the 1964 spec, and the BIAS is adjustable. This amp weighs only 30 lbs and sounds incredible.  A foot switch and  cover is included.

Standard Princeton layout, 2 inputs, Volume Control, Treble and Bass Tone Controls, Reverb, Speed and Intensity, Power and Standby switches, 2 Speaker Jacks: 4 and 8 ohm,  and NFB speaker mode switch.

Cabinet: Solid Pine 1/4” finger joints. Baltic Birch Plywood Speaker Baffle made in USA.

Covering: Tolex Black or Brown.

Grill: silver or wheat.

Effects: Long Spring Reverb, BIAS Tremolo

Caps: Mojotone, F&T, Mallory, Sprague

Resistors: Carbon Composition

Jacks: Switchcraft

Pots: Mojotone and CTS

Transformers: ClassicTone PT, ClassicTone Multi-tap OT

Speaker: 12" Jensen C12Q  8 ohm 35Watt

Tubes: 5U4GB, 3 - 12AX7, 12AT7, 2 - 6V6GT 15 Watts

Weight: 30 lbs.