Princeton Reverb

Princeton Reverb

Ask me about options and upgrades.

Hand-wired all-tube AB1164 Princeton Reverb with 10" or 12" Jensen speaker. Original Classic Fender chime and great vintage looks.

Standard PR layout, 2 inputs, Lo and Hi with Volume Control, Treble and Bass Controls. Long spring reverb , Speed and Intensity Tremolo with foot switch, 2 Speaker Jacks and Power and Standby switches by Carling. B+ voltages are within the 1964 spec, so you it sounds like a Princeton should. And it's less than 30 lbs.

Power: 15 Watts

Cabinet: Mojo Solid Pine 1/4” finger joints. Baltic Birch Plywood Speaker Baffle

Power with Standby

Tube Reverb

Bias Tremolo

Two Button foot switch

Adjustable Fixed BIAS

Covering: Black or Brown Tolex

Caps: Mojotone, F&T, Mallory, Sprague, Orange Drop

Resistors: Carbon

Jacks: Switchcraft

Pots: Mojotone

Transformers: Mojotone

Speaker: 10" or 12" Jensen   35W 8 ohm

Tubes: GZ34, JJ6V6S(2), 12AX7, 12AT7 15Watt(total)

Meticulously Handmade on Cape Cod, Mass, USA

Weight: 30lbs.