Tweed Deluxe Hand built


Priced according to availability and choice of parts. Call me for the price of this one.


5E3 / 5E5  ( 12/26 Watt ) Early break up or loud and clean, you choose.

No compromises here. This is a hand wired all-tube combo amp that may appear mild mannered but it's menacing. This convertible Tweed Deluxe graduates to Pro with the addition of a 5U4GB or GZ34, and 2 5881 power tubes. Just “Plug n Play”. This amp is cathode biased and engineered to handle the extra power requirements without breaking a sweat, and without a visit to your tech for biasing. Use input 1 straight in with your guitar, or 2 with a strong pedal board. Then jumper Normal and Bright for an additional drive signal. If you like it a bit cleaner there is a Lo/Hi Gain foot switch to tame the beast. Go from a small club to a large stage with this single amp without losing that “Tweed” vibe. Crazy good and crazy loud, and only 35 lbs.

Standard Tweed layout, 2 Hi and 2 Low inputs, Normal and Bright with their Volume Controls, Tone Control. Power and Standby switches. Gain switch. 2 Speaker Jacks: 4 and 8 ohm.

Power: 12 - 26 Watts, convertible.

Cabinet: Solid Pine 1/4” finger joints. Baltic Birch Plywood Speaker Baffle made in USA.

Covering: Tweed, tweed grill cloth, shellac and lacquer

Caps: Mojotone, F&T, Mallory, Sprague

Resistors: Carbon Composition

Jacks: Switchcraft

Pots: Mojotone

Transformers: Magnetics Corp, ClassicTone Multi-tap OT

Speaker: 12" Jensen C12N 50W 8 ohm

Deluxe Tubes:  5Y3, 6V6GT(2), 12AX7, 12AY7(or 12AX7)

Pro Tubes:   GZ34/5U4GB, 5881(2), 12AX7, 12AY7

Weight: 35 lbs.